Prerendered Dieselpunk Interface. (Asset Store link: here)

Prerendered interface with animated background, main panel corners (fan, blinking leds) and progressbar.

Include following prefabs:
- Arrow_Button (Down, Left, Right, Up)
- Dropdown_Menu
- Panel_Main
- Panel_Sub
- Progress_Bar_Seq (higher memory consumption, higher quality)
- Progress_Bar_Video (lower memory consumption, lower quality)
- Radio_Button
- Scrollbar
- Scroll_View
- Slider
- Tab_Panel
- Textbox
- Toggle_Horisontal
- Toggle_Vertical

Writer's Workplace. (Asset Store link: here)

A high detailed set of thematic objects.
- A Typewriter with a script that allows you to type from your PC keyboard (2 versions, classic and lux)(7k tris)
- A simple room environment (5.8k tris)
- Animated curtain (1.8k tris)
- Chair (544 tris)
- Armchair (1k tris)
- Cup of coffee with animated steam (video alphaplane) (1.5k tris)
- Ashtray with animated smoke (video alphaplane) (1k tris)
- Hourglass with animated sand flow (video alphaplane) (1.6k tris)
- Watch with rigged strap (with optional script to show current system time) (1.5k tris)
- Table clock (with optional script to show current system time) (820 tris)
- Lamp (2 versions - on/off) (1.2k tris)
- Glasses (2k tris)
- Pen (814 tris)
- Pencil (86 tris)
- Table (1.2 k tris)
- Table - High Res Cloth for Close-Ups (8 tris)
- Trash (920 tris)

Papers set
- 3 books (1 opened and 2 closed)
- 3 clips (2 version of each - full and half)
- 2 notebooks (large & small)
- 4 paper planes with some random writings
- 3 paper towers
- 3 trashed papers

Demo Scene for windows here
Readme.txt (documentation) here

We are sorry, but we can not include fonts and sounds as can be seen in the demo video and demo scene. The fonts can be freely downloaded from the links provided in readme. Getting the sounds, however, is a little bit tricky: you have to purchase a specialized library or record your own typewriter sounds.

Stove. (Asset Store link: here)

- A detailed electric stove 3D model with interior and basic kitchenware set.
- Stove - 3.8k tris, kitchenware - 20.5k tris (with no lights)
- 2 variants (clean and scratched)
- Stove - 4 x 2048x2048 textures (Albedo, Specular, Normal, AO)
- Oventrays - 3 x 2048x2048 textures (Albedo, Specular, Normal)
- Kitchenware - 3 x 2048x2048 textures (Albedo, Specular, Normal)
Fridge with food. (Asset Store link: declined...)

- New and old (rusted) version.
- Fridge can be opened/closed, bottom box can be opened/closed, internal shelfs can be repositioned.
- Internal and external fridge surface have separate materials for easy tweaking.
- 8 different food objects - eggs, can, meat, jar, butter, cucumber, milk, pudding.
- Fridge: 1.5k tris, Food - 2k tris (mesured in unity, with no lights).
- Fridge Textures - Albedo, Normal, Metallic, AO (2048x2048). (AO texture is shared with rusted fridge).
- Food Textures - Albedo, Normal, Metallic, AO (2048x2048).
Kitchen Table Set. (Asset Store link: here)

Simple kitchen table, with tablecloth, chair and stool, and set of dishes.
- Table + Table Cloth + Chair + Stool + 3 Napkins = 944 tris (with no light in scene)
- Dishes: High = 12.6k, Mid = 6k, Low = 3k tris (with no light in scene)
- Unfortunately, demo scene, seen in video and screenshots is not included, because it use 3rd party skybox and floor texture. Sorry for this :(
Old Cupboard And Shelf With Books. (Asset Store link: here)

Simple old wooden cupboard and shelf with books.
- Cupboard - 680 tris, Shelf - 90 tris, All books - 1.5k tris (with no lights)
- 10 closed and 3 opened books.
- Albedo, Specular, Normal, AO textures for cupboard and shelf.
- Albedo, Specular, Normal textures for books (all books are placed into single-texture uv space).
- All textures 2048x2048.
- Cupboard's boxes and doors can be opened/closed.
Old Nightstand. (Asset Store link: (Asset Store link: here)

A simple old wooden nightstand with two boxes.
- 1.4k tris (with no lights)
- 4 textures 2048x2048 each (Albedo, Specular, Normal, AO)
- Boxes can be opened/closed.
Syrin's sword (Type-A). (Asset Store link: here)

A futuristic anime-like sword.
- 4 materials - blue, green, red, violet.
- 4 textures, 2048x2048px each (albedo, normal, metallic, height). Albedo in 4 color variations.
- Opening animation.
- Postprocessing stack profile for glow effect.
- 2,900 tris (in unity scene WITH lights and glow)
- A demo scene with... euh... environment is included.
Aged Old House. (Asset Store link: here)

A simple, old country house model that comes with interior and exterior.
- 5 materials, each with 3 textures (albedo, specular, normal) 2048x2048px.
- All doors, and most of windows can be opened/closed.
- Roof and second floor can be turned off for isometric projects.
- 20,500 tris (in unity scene without light)
- Demo scene (which contains both first person and pre-animated camera flythrough) included.